Tone Bars

Samantha Fish and Albert Castiglia and their signature slides

Choosing the Right Tone Bar

Rocky Mountain Rail Rocket

   Standard Cut

   Single Cut - One End is Tapered
   Double Cut - Both Ends are Tapered
Rocky Mountain Rail Rock-It Tone Bar

This is a more traditional palm slide – or Tone Bar if you like – but still has the RMS Mojo on it! Nice weight and balance and will give tones like nothing else! It's as solid as the Rocky Mountains that this clay comes from!

If you want a little special sauce with your tone bar, we offer the Rail Rock-It in Standard Cut, Single Cut and Double Cut.

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Poncha Bullet Tone Bar

Here for the first time, RMS has combined two styles into one unique Ceramic Palm Slide. This one gives the options of a bullet-end with the comfort of a rail style tone bar.

Great for fast pull offs and is the only ceramic palm slide on the market that delivers those RMS Tones!! ...Bar None!

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