Signature Model Guitar Slides

Peter Stroud on tour in 2017 with Sheryl Crow

Gen Wilkinson (17mm id)

Gen Wilkinson is a touring lead & slide guitarist, as well as composer/songwriter, currently residing in Columbus, Ohio. Gen self-taught herself to play guitar at age 13, after having played viola and clarinet. Gen has played on regional and national stages with dozens of groups since the late 80's and is currently seeking touring opportunities with career-minded groups and individuals. Primary genres of interest are classic/modern country, Southern rock, and blues.

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Bryan Bassett (19mm id)

Bryan Bassett has been sliding his heart out as a member of the legendary band Foghat for decades now and we are so thrilled to have him in our family of players.

His favorite model is the Shavano, but he would always come back to the Yeller Dawg glaze in the studio or on stage. So we are setting it aside as HIS signature model and welcome him into the family of signature model artists.

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Ted Drozdowski (17mm id)

We are proud to announce that our first Signature Model for 2010 is...the Ted Drozdowski Signature model!!!

Teddy "D" is the sonic ringmaster of Ted Drozdowski's Scissormen, who link the oldest traditions of Blues to today's cutting edge of genre-jumping music, entertaining folks worldwide.

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Greg Martin (25mm id)

Greg Martin has been playing with the most influential rockers of our times, The Kentucky Headhunters, and when he needs the right tone tool to translate the colors in his head and heart we are proud that he chooses the original Swamp Frog Flint Glass Slides that he has been using for years now!! We are even prouder to be renaming these in his behalf to become...the Greg Martin Signature Slide!!

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Jason “Lefty” Williams (22mm id)

A guitarist with Heart & Soul, Lefty Williams stands among his musical inspirations as a "Guitar Player's Guitarist," with a sonic vocabulary as potent and personal as it gets!!

When it comes to tone, he knows what he wants, and we are thankful to provide this custom signature slide from his hands to yours.

Talent, drive and determination are the definition of a true artist - Thanks, Jason!

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Brian Stoltz (19mm id)

From the Neville Bros to the Funky Meters, to PBS with George Porter Jr. and Russell Batiste, Brian Stoltz is and will always be about "TONE" with a capital T!!!

After many prototypes, we have a slide that he is proud to put his name on!! It is a Salidan Middy length, with a combination of his favorite 2 glazes, Voodoo Black and Hellhound Red...with the added bonus of two raw strips of clay, polished to a lustrous pewter shine and that gives this slide a real "tone to the bone" combo sound! Thanks, Brian!!

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Big Gilson (19mm id)

Brazilian Blues Power house Big Gilson is no stranger to our slides. And when it came time for his more personalized version of the Shavano in Voodoo Black, we were pleased to help! He relies on the tones that these slides deliver and we are proud to be able to offer his tone tool to you as well!

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Albert Castiglia (17mm id)

Albert Castiglia has been lighting up stages all over the world!!

We are proud to work with him and design a slide as unique and tone-full as he is!!

Find him and your mind... will be BLOWN!!!

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Marshall Lawrence (19mm id)

When talking with guitarist Marshall Lawrence abut a signature slide, we were amazed at the diversity and tonal prowess of this Canadian "force of nature." Although not well known here in the states, he will be!

He has achieved many awards and accolades in his home country and we are honored to be able to offer the slide that he uses exclusively. He is currently offering the fresh "out of the oven" CD, "The Morning After," an eclectic pastiche of sonic goodness with a funky sensibility. Go get your copy today!!

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Eddie Turner (19mm id)

The Sonic Craftsman Eddie Turner has been creating a color landscape from his heart since the 70s and ain't stopping yet!! He's a slider that thinks outside the box and deserves a slide to go with it. We designed this with him in mind and when I placed the first version in his hand, the big smile was all I needed. And once he tossed it on his strings...the rest is history!! Please enjoy this incredibly unique tone tool from our hands…to yours!!

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Samantha Fish (19mm id)

Kansas City powerhouse Samantha Fish plays by her own rules, and her tone is hotter & spicier than any KC Smokehouse!!

We are proud to have her in the RMSC Slide Corps!

Thanks, Sam, for choosing us as your choice for tone tools!!!

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Peter Karp (19mm id)

Peter Karp has been a singer-songwriter for many years and is on the road for months at a time. Whether on solo tour or sittin' in with his tone sister Sue Foley, he has relied on the vocal tonal pallet of his Monarch...He has made this version his main go-to slide and we are thrilled to be able to offer his favorite slide to you.

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Michelle Malone (19mm id)

Michelle has been using our slides now for many years and we are proud to be able to create a slide that reflects her creativity and total sonic abandon!!

Her ability to explore her head and heart in her playing and writing sets her apart from the pack and we are honored to have her in the RMSC Family!!

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Smokin’ Joe Kubek (19mm id)

With a tone as big as Texas... Smokin' Joe Kubek has been doin' his own brand of Rockin' Blues... till the cows come home!!

We are proud to create this tone tool as unique as he is!!!

Pick up a true slice of Texas Tone.

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Toby Walker (19mm id)

We are proud to announce that our first Signature Model for 2010 is...the Toby Walker Signature model!!!

For those who have had the privilege of seeing and hearing Toby, you know how special he really is...his finesse and tonal prowess is scary! And to be able to have a slide to carry his name is a blessing and a privilege. Thanks so much, for all those who "get" what we're trying to do here at RMSC!!!

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Marc Eric (17mm id)

Marc Eric is a wonderful gypsy spirit, "forward into the past" guitarist, who connects with the Jimi vibe but with an organic REAL tone all his own!!

We are thrilled to have this crazy man in the RMSC Family of players, and Marc designed this slide to reflect his sonic signature & passions!!

Thanks, Eric, Atomic & Sonic!!

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Sterling Koch

Sterling Koch has been mastering his tone and craft for years, always reaching, seeking to make a more personal sonic signature. He has been working with us to create a tone bar that delivers the tone and balance that reflects his drive and love of his music!!

Thanks, Sterling for letting us help - Doc

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Marc Robinson (19mm id)

We've been working with Mark for a few years now and he has been a tireless supporter and ambassador of our slides since day one.

Mark is at the forefront of a true revival in Nashville and we are proud to have his slide available to the general public.

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Phil Brown (22mm id)

Phil Brown: a true guitarist's guitarist on this path from an early age, forging his own musical vocabulary and painting the air with his sonic heartfelt magic!!

We are so delighted to call him friend & RMSC family member. This special ring slide was designed just for him!!

Thank, Phil, keep on flying!!!!

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Vince Agwada (19mm id)

Chicago Powerhouse Vince Agwada – plug into Vince's songbook and you can see, feel and hear his diversity and his inspirations.

We are proud to have him in the RMSC Slide Corps... and to be able to sit down and design this unique Signature Slide!!

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