RMSC Slide Selector

Welcome to the RMSC website. With so many options it can be scary, when tryin’ to select the right slide for you, so let’s start here and we can figure out just what you need. The right tool for the job – fit is prime for any good tool.

Selecting your slide is a three step process.

1 – Find your finger diameter

RMSC Guitar Slide selectionTake a standard ruler and measure “SIDE TO SIDE” to find your Finger Diameter, at the point where you want the slide to rest.

  •  If you want it to fit to the base of your finger measure the widest part of that finger, usually it’s the widest part of the second knuckle.
  • If you have a slide that fits well for you just measure inside wall to inside wall for the inner diameter.

Click the link that matches your Finger Diameter measurement.

1/4″ (14mm) | 3/4″ (19mm) | 5/8″ (16/17mm) | 7/8″ (22mm)

2 -Choose a Length

RMSC Guitar Slide selectionMost of our slides come in three lengths:

  • Standard – 61-63mm (approx. 2.5″) long
  • Middy – 53-55mm (approx. 2″) long
  • Shorty – 43-45mm (approx. 1.75″) long
  • We also offer the Big Bart Knuckle slides in shorter lengths.
3 – Select A Color

We offer a variety of snazzy colors.

RMSC Guitar Slide colors
Blues Boy Model – left to right: Midnight Black, Yeller Dog, Bayou Blue, Juju White, Mojo Green, Hellhound Red, Hoodoo Black, and Voodoo Black