Our Search for Tone…

Really it all comes down to delivering tone options to the player. Each slide and it’s materials and dimenstions bring a different sonic resonence or tonal regisrty, and when used in varoius rigs ( electric, electric aoustic, acoustic miced, a Dobro, etc) it colors your songs. Depending on the various materials, they may be brighter with sweet highs and mid tones, and others focus on the mids with a nasty fat bottom end for accent. Or having a slight texture, will deliver some amazing zonic combinations when used at the harmonic points on the neck.
No player, just like no painter, colors with only one brush. Like any other tool, my slides are designed to deliver certain colors for certain feeling or emotions. It delivers options for you, enabling you to better express yourself and your songs intentions.
I am a slide player, and I want more from my tools, but the tools out there were lacking!!! So I decided almost 20 years ago to try and creat a better tone tool, I continue to seek and design a cool family of tone tools and guitar accessories. To be able to share this with all of you, searching for hat right tool to sing with te right colors….just for you, welcome to Rocky Monuntain Slides Company, Doc Sigmier/ RMSC