Rocky Mountain Slides Company

Hand crafted in Beautiful Poncha Springs, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Slides Company

Hand crafted in Beautiful Poncha Springs, Colorado

Stone guitar slidesRMSC is thrilled to release the first 3 in the "Elements Series" Stone Slides.

These real stone slides play as sweetly as they look. Available in Mahogany Obsidian, Red Jasper, Desert Turquoise.

Check out the NEW Elements Slides!

Sliders Arise!

Stop settling for something less! You can have the "best of both worlds." Here is the world's first and only hand-crafted custom Guitar Slide. Although made of ceramic material, each model, when combined with specific glazes, can be calibrated to emulate the tones of glass, ceramic and various metals. The best gauging of tone with these slides is: the shorter and thinner the wall of the slide, the brighter the tone, and the longer and thicker the wall, the warmer the tone.

Here at RMS we are really thrilled to be able to offer a truly unique hand-crafted guitar slide, at an affordable price, to the discriminating guitarist that is looking for options not offered by "conventional" guitar slides. Our slides and tone bars provide you with "a whole universe" of new tones and tonal combinations unreachable by any other.

"RMSC Hybrid Artisan Slides...with Altitude!!!"

Limited Edition Slides

Limited Editions are only available until gone - First come First served, and when They're gone...THEY'RE GONE FOLKS!!!!  

What Our Customers Have To Say


Good morning,  I’m not sure if you remember me or not, but you sent me a slide about 4 years ago. Well, it rolled out on the concrete floor and smashed into Lil pieces.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I just ordered a brand new one and I’m excited to be playing your slide again. Seriously your product is so far superior to anything I’ve ever used.

I'd love for you to check us out sometime and I plan on doing a promo showing the difference in the quality of your products compared to the competition.

Rocky Mountain Slide Co and Moses Jones & the Dirty Southern Soul live coming soon to a venue near you. I also ordered a pin for my guitar strap and cant wait to rock that.


Thanks for putting your heart into what you do sir I appreciate it and I can feel it!


I was really confused when I got my 1st order!  It had everything from
my first order - then only 3 of the mando picks that I had ordered in my
second order - I thought "How did you get both orders together and
shipped to me so quickly??  And what happened to the horn tri picks I
ordered in my second order???"  Then I looked at the packing slip and
the mando picks were not on it --I then realized you must have slipped
those horn Dawgs in as a sampler for me to try for free!!!!  THANKS!!! 

We were both thinking along the same lines - after I made my first order
I thought I should try your "Dawg style" pick so I did another order of
a baker's dozen (because I thought I would probably like it). I already
have an actual Dawg pick and it is really totally dead in my hands.  I
got the Dawg copy from Primetone to try it since most mando players use
this style pick - the Primetone Dawg one is chimey and much better than
the original Dawg - but I still never use it.  Now I have your Dawg pick
out of horn and it is really heads and shoulders above both - VERY
NICE!  Punchy!  

Limited Edition Tomichi  "Over Rolled" - Beauty and the Beast

Limited Edition – Tri-Clay “Whiskey Barrel” Shavanos

Finger Slides

Find the tonal pallet that you have been searching for!!

RMSC Finger Slides

Tone Bars

Our tone bars give an unsurpassed set of warm tones

RMSC Tone Bars

Signature Models

We are pleased to have a large cadre of Pros that use our slides

RMSC Signature Slides

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