Premium Handcrafted Guitar Picks

Anders Osborn with his custom RMSC Guitar Slide

Anders Osbourne

RMSC Guitar Picks

The Guitar pick truly is a "Tonal Link" in the personality of a player's bag of tricks. Premium handcrafted guitar picks are as important as the guitar or any other part of that chain, from your hands right on down to the cables and amp you use. And is one of the most economical purchases you can make, so a bigger bang for your buck! You don’t need another pedal; you just need one of these picks!

For more tonal possibilities for our customers, we're expanding our line of unique and alternative premium handcrafted guitar picks that will be offered exclusively through our website. We started with our oversized Buffalo Horn Tri-Picks, with its warm and vocal-esque tones and large enough to keep in your hand. And we have expanded to coconut husk, black and blonde horn, as well as the exotic gold and black mother-of-pearl crafted picks as well. Picks were designed by RMSC and are offered in both Tri-pick and teardrop styles. We are also the exclusive US distributor for the Piglet 2mm graphite teardrop picks, the only true clone of the famous and sought-after picks that Jerry Garcia used for years, which are available here.

It's never a bad thing to experiment and seek out new tonal characteristics. Always trying to make what you do more personal, more YOU!! They're all sold by each so that you can "Mix & Match" your tonal arsenal and keep the possibilities endless for you. Keep your eyes peeled because we will be adding to our family of unique picks as we come across them for you and enjoy!!

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