Finger Slides

Big Gilson with his Signature Slide

Choosing the right slide for you. Use the chart below as a quick reference. Or see our Slide Selector for more details about our line of guitar slides.

Inside Diameter Thin Wall Thick Wall
7/8" (22mm) Blues Boy Salidan
3/4" (19mm) Shavano Tomichi
5/8" (16/17mm) Columbine Monarch
1/4" (14mm) Cochetopa  
NEW!!! Elements Series Stone Slides

These play as sweetly as they look, available in Mahogany Obsidian, Red Jasper, Desert Turquoise, Colorado River Jade and Blood Butte Jasper. Anyone of these stone slide expressions will be a wonderful addition to anyone’s collection of unique tone tools. Let the adventure begin!!!

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Blues Boy (22mm id)

This the first model ever offered by us and took 3 and a half years of trying different combinations to create the first “hybrid” guitar slide. Very popular with guitarists that have low action on their rigs and want to play slide…without “bottoming out” or hitting the frets.

Unlike most slides, these are designed to shine best in this situation, and the bonus is that they are also designed for quick release (bend your finger to lock, straighten your finger out to remove)…and all the volume and tone you would not expect from a slide so light!

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Salidan (Sal-Eye-Din) (22mm id)

This was the second model in our family of guitar slides and is the brightest sounding ceramic slide on the market today. Light and responsive, these slides have the growl when you want it, or a whisper like a cool breeze that'll make you cry!

This model has the same inner diameter as the Blues Boy but is thicker walled to give greater presence and a warmer tone.

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Shavano (Shav-A-No) (19mm id)

This model was designed for those sliders out there that wanted "a little tighter fit." The Shavano has a more traditional feel. For players with "normal/average" size fingers or who are playing with your pinky to the palm and want a tighter fit...this is the model for you!!

Tonally, the Shavano is between the Blues Boy and the Salidan.

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Tomichi (19mm id)

Finally, for those that loved the Shavano model finger slides ( with the 3/4" inner diameter ) but wanted a thicker walled have it with the Tomichi ( Toe-Me'-Chee ) model finger slides.

Almost 3 times the wall thickness and over twice the weight.

You asked for MORE and we gave it to you!!! Please slide responsibly, LOL!!!

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Columbine (17.50mm id)

This model is our smallest I.D. slide in the family, designed for players that play with their pinkies, and at 5/8", it will be snug.

We were getting letters from women slide players wanting a slide that would fit better and this was our first model with them in mind. Tonally, the Columbine fits between the Blues Boy and the Shavano.

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Monarch (17mm id)

This was our second slide designed with the woman player in mind. We received many emails from women sliders thanking us for the Columbine model, and what we heard was a call for a slightly thicker walled version, with an inner diameter between the Columbine and the Shavano...and here it is!!

Rejoice, you no longer have to suffer the "stuffing" of your slides just to get a reasonable fit! And with the thicker wall and slightly larger inner diameter, you get greater volume and presence as well.

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Cochetopa Model (Co-Cha-Toe-P) (14mm id)

Even after creating the Monarch and Columbine models, still there were those out there needing a smaller, more secure fitting slide…so we created one that is the same outer diameter of the Columbine model but with an inner diameter of 7/16" (13-14mm) for a tighter and more secure fit.

Available in all colors and all lengths, for any custom versions feel free to call us and we will help you create something even more special!!

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Big Bart Knuckle (Varies by Model)

For a long time now RMSC has gotten requests for "Knuckle Slides" less than the 1.75" length being offered on our Shorty length model slides. So, for all those needing a little LESS – we have designed the slides for you!!

These "Big Bart" brand knuckle slides by Rocky Mountain Slides are perfect for Ukes, Mandos or Banjo players looking to expand their tonal possibilities and especially for all those Cigar Box Guitar makers and players looking to balance out their rigs with a screaming piece of Terra Firma wrapped in a sleeve of High Silica glazed Goodness!!!

Great either acoustically or with full on electric, the Big Bart Knuckle Slides are like nothing else on the market today!!!

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