Custom Guitar Slides

Custom Rocky Mountain Slides

Eddie Turner and Brent Johnson

The Custom Shop has limited stock on hand but can create your dream slide, just call. We would have to carry over 17,000 different models to carry all that we offer... Call me and let's put our heads together and see.

Many of these are “hand finished and profiled,” so they can require a little longer time frame for a more “personally crafted tone tool” at an affordable price.


Rocky Mountain Guitar slides has a selection of limited custom guitar slides to choose from that we can create for you. These slides are specialized one-of-a-kind slides that will help level up your playing. Shop around our selection of custom guitar slides to see which will best fit your playing style. Or text or email us and discover your new dream slide from RMSC!!! Text/Call us 1-719-851-0645 or email us

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