Our Search for Tone…

Really it all comes down to delivering tone options to the player. Each slide and it’s materials and dimenstions bring a different sonic resonence or tonal regisrty, and when used in varoius rigs ( electric, electric aoustic, acoustic miced, a Dobro, etc) it colors your songs. Depending on the various materials, they may be brighter […]

How to Choose the Right Guitar Slide For You

acoustic guitar slides

So you’ve decided to play slide guitar, have you? Perhaps you were just curious after seeing your favorite player don a slide or maybe you were listening to some blues rock and your fingers were itching to emulate the sounds. Whatever the case may be, welcome! Here at Rocky Mountain Slides, we are overjoyed when […]

The Rocky Mountain Guitar Slide Story

Shavano Guitar Slide

One of my proudest moments was seeing Bryan Bassett’s face light-up after playing one of my slides. On the stage that night, he looked like a three-year-old in a candy store, completely in-love with the sound of the Rocky Mountain tone.

Custom Guitar Slides: What Our Customers Think

Fender guitar

At Rocky Mountain Slides, we build our custom guitar slides, picks, and guitar accessories under the principle of “more with less”. Our innovative tonal tools expand the presence, sustain, and color of your tonal pallet to create something that mass-produced slides simply can’t offer; large companies often use cheaper materials to cut their cost. However, this cost-cutting also reduces the amount of tonal color a slide can produce.