Rocky Mountain Slides Company

Hand crafted in Beautiful Poncha Springs, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Slides Company

Hand crafted in Beautiful Poncha Springs, Colorado

Hi Everyone,
The Shop will be temporarily closing for some needed surgery to my Hip. I am stopping a little before the surgery to be able to help all of those that have already ordered from me. So the store will be closing on this coming Memorial Day.

I will be back after surgery and approximately 3 weeks after surgery for recovery time.

You can continue to order, but please know that I will be unable to create or ship anything out to you until I'm well enough to pick up the torch and run again, LOL!! All orders will be taken care of in the order/ date it was received.

Until then I thank you in advance for your understanding and patience in this situation,
Thank again,

Sliders Arise!

Stop settling for something less! You can have the "best of both worlds." Here is the world's first and only hand-crafted custom Guitar Slide. Although made of ceramic material, each model, when combined with specific glazes, can be calibrated to emulate the tones of glass, ceramic and various metals. The best gauging of tone with these slides is: the shorter and thinner the wall of the slide, the brighter the tone, and the longer and thicker the wall, the warmer the tone.

Here at RMS we are really thrilled to be able to offer a truly unique hand-crafted guitar slide, at an affordable price, to the discriminating guitarist that is looking for options not offered by "conventional" guitar slides. Our slides and tone bars provide you with "a whole universe" of new tones and tonal combinations unreachable by any other.

"RMSC Hybrid Artisan Slides...with Altitude!!!"

Finger Slides

Find the tonal pallet that you have been searching for!!

RMSC Finger Slides

Tone Bars

Our tone bars give an unsurpassed set of warm tones

RMSC Tone Bars

Signature Models

We are pleased to have a large cadre of Pros that use our slides

RMSC Signature Slides

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