Stone, Ceramic, Brass, and Glass Guitar Slides& PICKS



Stop settling for something less! You can have the “best of both worlds.” We started with the world’s first and only hand-crafted custom Stoneware Guitar Slide Family, and now offer a universe of tonal options. We offer not only the original Stoneware slides but also slides in Aged Tempered Bell Brass, Real Stone Finger Slides and Tone Bars, real flint glass bottleneck slides and a unique variety of handcrafted plectrums (picks) in a variety of exotic materials for the discerning Guitarist seeking to explore the sonic possibilities and find the tones that make them…THEM!!!

Here at RMSC, we are really thrilled to be able to offer a truly unique family of stone, ceramic, brass, and glass guitar slides, tone bars, and hand crafted guitar picks at an affordable price, to the discriminating guitarist that is looking for options not offered by “conventional” guitar accessories. Our slides and tone bars and guitar picks provide you with “a whole universe” of new tones and tonal combinations unreachable by any other tone tool.

“RMSC Hybrid Artisan Guitar Accessories…with Altitude!!!”

Hi Doc, I received my shipment yesterday. Thank you so much for the note and for sending both the green and the voodoo! I can’t believe you did that!!! Thanks for the great customer service, and for helping me pick the right one – the fit and feel is amazing for my pinky. I absolutely love both of them. Thanks so much!!

I LOVE these new slides. B fits me like the proverbial glove and will be best for electric playing. C is okay too depending on how sweaty my hands are. A is too big. I do use the slide on my little finger; that’s why having one that’s thicker sounds so much better. I am going to use the hell out of these slides. I’m really excited about it, actually!! Alice Stuart

Hi Doc, Still using both slides on a regular basis. The voodoo is amazing with my Tele. It has been great to have both of these slides. I still am amazed at the difference in sound and timbre from the two. Norm Arnett

Got ’em! Wow, what tone. The glazed surfaces ring wonderfully on my 1930 National. The raw surfaces are going to take some testing, but have potential for totally different sounds. Will let u know what I come up with. Thanks, Joel Mowers

Hey Doc, I got your slides a week or two ago and have been playing with them ever since. What great tone! Your slides are much lighter than the metal I’m used to and the vibrato is much easier. I’ve played about 5 shows with the rockit. The other slides you sent are nice but this will be my workhorse. Thanks, BJ -William Craven

Hi, I’ve been meaning to tell you I love the psychedelic Monarch slides you made for me a while back recently. They’re my favorite right now. Unfortunately, I did get a bout of tendinitis from building a giant treehouse and playing constant guitar. So I can’t play as much as I want but I’m easing back in. And the slides you made are inspiring thanks!! Kevin, Davis CA

Doc, Good morning,  I’m not sure if you remember me or not, but you sent me a slide about 4 years ago. Well, it rolled out on the concrete floor and smashed into Lil pieces. The reason I’m telling you this is because I just ordered a brand new one and I’m excited to be playing your slide again. Seriously your product is so far superior to anything I’ve ever used. I’d love for you to check us out sometime and I plan on doing a promo showing the difference in the quality of your products compared to the competition. Rocky Mountain Slide Co and Moses Jones & the Dirty Southern Soul live coming soon to a venue near you. I also ordered a pin for my guitar strap and cant wait to rock that.

Doc, Thanks for putting your heart into what you do sir I appreciate it and I can feel it!