Sliders Arise! Stop settling for something less! You can have the "Best of both worlds." Here is the Worlds first and only hand-crafted custom Guitar Slide. Although made of ceramic material, each model, when combined with specific glazes, can be calibrated to emulate the tones of glass, ceramic and various metals. The best gauging of tone with these slides is: The shorter and thinner the wall of the slide, the brighter the tone. And the longer and thicker the wall, the warmer the tone.

Here at RMS we are really thrilled to be able to offer a truly unique hand crafted guitar slide, at an affordable price, to the discriminating guitarist that is looking for options not offered by "conventional" guitar slides. Our slides and tone bars provide you with "A Whole Universe" of new tones and tonal combinations unreachable by any other, now...

"RMSC Hybrid Artisan Slides...with Altitude!!!"

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Why Our Slides Are So Different

I've been creating these slides for over 11 years now and love to bring artists, customers and retailers together with our unique family of tone tools. We have created slides that enable the player to expand his or her tonal pallet (Color, Sustain, and Presence). Making it a more personal journey, a more Custom Slide. Enabling them to better express the tones in their heads and hearts!!


You've Got Questions-We've Got Answers!

Q: How are Rocky Mountain Slides different?
Q: Aren't all "Ceramic" Slides the same?
Q: Why are they called "Hybrid" slides?
Q: Why so many slide models and lengths?
Q: I’ve heard that there are tonal differences with the glazes?


Don't Take Our Word For It

You're the master (if you could see me I am doing the "I’m not worthy" thing). When you say "advanced ergonomic features" you’re not kidding. You’ve taken the run of the mill slide and revamped it to infinity. - A customer for life, Jim Keen

I got your slides a week or two ago and have been playing with them ever since. What great tone! Your slides are much lighter than the metal I'm used to and the vibrato is much easier.- BJ


Finger Slides

Unlike other slide designers, I've been playing since 1972 and feel your pain, trying to find slides that offer MORE. With over 1,200 variations, you CAN find the tonal pallet that you have been searching for!!

Blues Boy
The Monarch
Big Bart Knuckle Slides


Stealth Saddle Ring Slide

Tone Bars

RMSC developed and designed the World's FIRST Ceramic Tone Bar in 2005. Utilizing various Solid Stoneware Clays, for their density and tonal properties, we found that when combined with our custom "In House" glazes they surpassed the other more traditional "Steel on Steel Tone Bars" that tend to deliver a very thin or "Nasal" tonal pallet. Ours deliver an unsurpassed set of warmer tones and allows you to create a more "Vocal" or throaty quality to the tones in your playing.

Rocky Mt. Rail Rock-It
Poncha Bullet
The Hot Spike
The Chapita

Signature Models

We are so pleased to have our large cadre of Pros that "GET IT" and have supported the RMSC cause...for TONE!!! Please support and enjoy their passions and be able to share them as well...with any of these Signature Models from RMSC!!

Gen Wilkinson Ted Drozdowski
Brian Stoltz
Marshall Lawrence
Peter Karp
Toby Walker
Mark Robinson
Bryan Bassett
Greg Martin
Big Gilson
Eddie Turner
Michelle Malone
Marc Eric
Phil Brown
Lefty Williams
Albert Castiglia
Samantha Fish
Smokin' Joe Kubek
Sterling Koch
Vince Agwada


Custom Shop

Custom Shop

These slides and tone bars enable us to continue to explore the possibilities and extend the tonal colors possible, in order for you to better express the music in your head and heart. Join with us that the road may continue for us both!!

Double Dipped
In The Raw
Beauty and the Beast
Ouray Astro Dog
Custom Options

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Try Our Slides On For Size!

If you want to try one of our slides in person, please visit our family of RMSC Retailers.

Support Our RMSC Independent Music Retailers

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Ted Drozdowski Signature Slide